Executive Director: Neil Petrin


Director of Finances: Sherry Maki

Director of Football Operations: Aaron Rehel


Co-Director of Game Day Operations: Andy Stevens


Video Coordinator: Elvis Rideout


Equipment Manager: Jake Noland


Registrar: Andy Zloty

Social Media Coordinator: Riley Roy

Director of Athletic Therapy: Andre Paquette


Media Coordinator - Randy Pascal


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As a volunteer organization, we are always looking for a helping hand from anyone willing to make our organization stronger! We have many roles and tasks that always need help, which include but are not limited to:

  • Game-Day Co-ordination (setting up the field for game day, welcoming the visiting team, etc);

  • Gate Entrance (collecting game day admissions);

  • Game Day Statistics Collection, Scorekeeper, Timing and Game Day Filming; and

  • Any additional items that you believe would improve the game day experience!


If you're interested just Email the Gladiators and we will find a role for you!



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